The Crushing Debt of Law School

student debt

Hello all,

So as I was browsing Facebook earlier today, I found a post shared by a friend on law school debt. I thought I would link the article and give my thoughts.

NYT Article – The Law School Debt Crisis

The author of the article does an excellent job of outlining how certain loans (PLUS loans to be exact) have contributed to the increased debt of law school, and the toll it has taken on the students who take out these loans. In addition, the author does an excellent job of demonstrating the debt cycle that has occurred in American law schools and even offers a solution to the spiraling debt.

As a law school graduate, who has more than her fair share of debt, it was startling and refreshing in the same moment, to realize that the law school debt problem is so rampant, but has a viable solution which is not being explored. I am glad that the author has brought to the forefront the problem of law school debt and how it is affecting not only the graduates but the legal system as a whole.

This article is an excellent read for anyone in law school or looking to go to law school. It will open your eyes and help you to manage the burgeoning cost, so you will not have to suffer with such an extraordinary amount of debt that so many of us will suffer with now and for a long time to come.

Enjoy the article and see you all soon.

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